About Us

The Cokeville Historical Society was chartered on 20 April 2007 

Slogan:  "You don't have to be old to enjoy Cokeville's history"

Major Accomplishments:
November 2007.  The Society was highlighted in "Wyoming Artscapes" for founding our Society and our efforts to preserve Cokeville's history.

July 2008.  We accepted as a donation the original grade-school bell which had hung from 1905-1959 then left our community for nearly 50 years.

September 2008.  Accepted as a donation the Cokeville Community War Plaque which had been rescued by Paul Phillips.

September 2008.  Helped create 48 jobs in town by partnering with the Cokeville Miracle Foundation and the Wyoming Newspaper Project.

We consider our speaker presentations and their recordings to be our greatest accomplishment.

Non-Profit Status:   We are a registered IRS 501(c)(3) organization and as such, any contributions made to the Society are legally tax-deductible.

Anyone wishing to make a donation to the Society may do so by sending their gift to "Cokeville Historical Society, c/o Charlotte Freeman, Cokeville, Wyoming  83114".  In addition, any officer may be contacted.

Membership:  Our current membership is approximately 20 persons. Membership is open to all who wish to become associated with the Society. Application forms are available at all our public meetings. In addition, any member can be contacted.


    President - Charlotte Freeman
    1st Vice President/Historian - Carol Reed
    2nd Vice President/Secretary/Treasurer - Eva Clark
    3rd Vice President/Membership - John Teichert
    4th Vice President/Newsletter/Public Relations - Karla Toomer
    Activities Director - Glenn Birch

Contact Us...
  Internet:  http://www.cokevillehs.org and http://www.cokevillehistory.blogspot.com
  Email:  dramamama42@yahoo.com (Charlotte Freeman) or bktoomer@allwest.net (Karla Toomer)
  Webmaster:  svhs@silverstar.com
  Mail:  Cokeville Historical Society, c/o Charlotte Freeman, Cokeville, Wyoming  83114
  Museum Location:  Not yet available
  Telephone:  (307) 279-3306 (Charlotte Freeman)

Updated: 21 Jan 2011