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History of the Community of Border

A United States Post Office was established on 23 March 1900.  It was discontinued on 21 December 1933 when the mail responsibility was transferred to Raymond.  Silas W. Condron was the only Postmaster.

An account in the Montpelier Examiner on 14 March 1910 shows that a contract for carrying the mail from Border to Geneva via Raymond was let to Rudolph Tueller for four years.  One of Rudolph's children, Sara Fisher, recalls "Father delivered the mail from Geneva, Idaho to Border, Wyoming, a trip of about 40 miles, by team and buggy in summer and sleigh in winter for a number of years.  This trip was made twice a week and was very hazardous in winter because of the below zero weather and severe blizzards and snow storms".

Eldon Cook remembered a little bar called the "Linger Longer" built sometime between 1914 and 1917.

At Border, Wyoming, U. S. Highway 30 from Montpelier made a large "Y" where it joined Wyoming Highway 89.  In this center area between two roads, Max Palmer set up a gasoline station and sold miscellaneous items, candy, etc.  This was in 1928.  It was rumored that this was a front for bootlegging whiskey.  This became known as "The Y".  Palmer kept this for a couple of years then sold the place to Mr. Haggarty of Cokeville.

Mr. Palmer then set up a business south and east of there on the west side of the highway to Cokeville.  He was there several years when he passed away.  Mrs. Palmer's daughter and her husband ran the place for several years then the property was sold to Carl Loyd.  He tore the old buildings down and moved across the highway where he built his home, a service station and garage.

Dusty Nuttal ran the station in the Y for Mr. Haggarty until it was sold to Covey Gas and Oil Company.  The old buildings were torn down and a two-story station was built with several gasoline pumps.  A kitchen was built in back of the store and bedrooms upstairs for the operators.  The spare rooms were rented to truckers passing through the area.  When the building was completed, R. S. Sleight leased the station and hired Jim Ball to operate it. 

Ferrol Sleight took over the operation of the station in 1937.  He ran it until his accidental death in 1950.  Then his widow, Ruby, and son ran the station for several years.  When she remarried, she and her husband, Jack Cleveland, ran the business until the 1960's. 

A Mr. Jackson ran it a few more years and then it closed.  It remained empty for awhile and then the buildings were destroyed by fire.

In the spring of 1947, Luke and Eva Dayton opened a cafe at Border along the highway south of Loyd's station.  They also sold fireworks and had a good business there for over thirty years.  They had a very good cafe business not only with local people but with the truckers who always stopped for a good home-cooked meal.

The Daytons were also very good musicians and played for dances all around the country; Eva on the piano and Luke on the saxaphone.  Their son, Gary, played the drums from the time he was six years old.  Later, he played the rhythm guitar or the bass.  Others who played with the Dayton orchestra were Milton Edgehill, Merlin Dunn, Paul Quinn, Harold Kane and Orrin Nate.

They would go some place every night, playing for dances and then run their cafe business all day.  They were very popular and played in every community in the county, also Soda Springs, Cokeville and Kemmerer.

History of the Border Cemetery

2-1/2 miles north of Border, Wyoming (intersection of Hwy 30 and Hwy 89) at mile marker 47.  Cemetery is located approximately 200 yards east in an empty field. (GPS: 42.252163N 111.042541W)  Please be aware that this is private property.
Name Birth Death Spouse Father Mother
Eschler, Amy Magdalena 22 Jun 1895 31 Dec 1896 Eschler, Gottfried Kunz, Rosina Kathrina
Conley, Willard Franklin 3 Aug 1859 18 Feb 1887
Conley, Hyrum J. 19 May 1850/ May 1851 11 Jul 1903 Conley, Soloman Merkley, Eve
Conley, Ransom N. 24 Nov 1848/Dec 1848 22 Jan 1916 Conley, Soloman Merkley, Eve
Jennings, Mr.
Lusk (male)
Lusk (female)
Stevens, Stella
Layland, Nellie E. Porter 1878 Layland, Charles
Layland, Martha J. Westfall 25 Feb 1854 21 Oct 1936 Layland, Andrew Westfall, Isabel E.
Baby 9 mos Roy Liz