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History of the Town of Geneva

In 1918 the Geneva Telephone Company was formed.  They ordered poles from Oregon and built the first telephone line over the hill to Montpelier.  They set the poles and strung the wire themselves.  Later when four more members joined the line, there was a total of sixteen parties; namely, Ed. Bischoff, Alf. Bischoff, John  Boehme, Fred Boehme, Arno Boehme, Frederick W. Boehme, Albert Price, Lashbrook Bros., Edgar Hall, Ephraim Herzog, Robert Teuscher, Henry Teuscher Jr., Edward Tueller, Peter Minhondo, John Erramouspe, and Geo. L. Widmere.

This organization continued until the year 1953 with the same old, wall-type telephones.  Then the company decided to string another wire from the valley to Montpelier and added eight more parties.  At this time they replaced all the old telephones with modern desk-type telephones.  The company continued to maintain and repair their own line until November 1961, when the Mountain States telephone Company bought out the old companies, paying them the legal minimum price for their rights.  The Mountain States Telephone company then laid underground cable throughout the valley and installed dial telephones.

Geneva Cemetery History

Location:  From Geneva, Id, travel west 1.2 miles on Hwy 89 to Geneva Cemetery sign.  Turn north 1.6 miles.  (GPS: 42.36112N 111.08944W)

How Obtained:  Henry Teuscher, Sr., donated an acre of ground at the north west area of the valley for a cemetery.

History: The first burial recorded in the Geneva Cemetery was that of Christian Allenbach, 28 February 1897.  At that time   The family was unable to attend the burial because of the deep snow.  The casket was taken part way by team and sleigh and then pulled on a toboggon with men on snow shoes the rest of the way.

Six months later, on 31 August 1897, Mr. Allenbach's wife, Ida, passed away and was the second person buried in the Geneva Cemetery.

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