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History of the Community of Raymond

The Raymond Townsite was surveyed in 1906.  J. W. Cook wrote how this came about.  "While I worked in the Sunday School at Raymond, the people brought out the Taylor Brother's interests on the Thomas Fork, including the ten mile ditch and more than one thousand acres of the bench land.  It cost them $5.00 per acre.  They laid out one hundred and sixty acres for a townsite.  F. C. Evans, Sam Hart, John Hall and I paid for the townsite, buying 40 acres each.  F. C. Evans and the rest sold lots to the others and we waited till they sold the lots to pay us back".

The Raymond townsite was surveyed May 6 and May 7, 1906 by Edward V. Bucher Company - surveyor for Bear Lake County.

The layout followed the pattern of townsites laid out by the Mormon Church - which was the four square plat.  Each town was to have a public square and the central blocks were for schools and churches.  The blocks were large.  The homes were to be placed so that none of them would face directly across the street onto another house front.  Each house would face another's garden.

There were sixteen plats with four lots to each block in the Raymond plan.  Each lot measured 277' X 277'.  The streets were eight rods wide.

The first owners of the respective blocks and lots were: Levi R. Hart, Wylie Call, Enoch Bagley, L.D. Church, School Dist., Asa Evans, Hall Bros., Fred Evans, J. A. Evans, and S. W. Hart.

Sometime before 1911 the Raymond Telephone company was organized and lines were set from Hall's Ranch through Raymond, Border, Pegram to Montpelier.  There were eight members in the company; namely, G. H. Hall, Wiley Call, T. M. Mumford, D. Eetcheverry, Parley Anderson, Wm. Crane, Ezra Phelps and J. W. Cook.  They went to work and by July of 1911 the line was completed.  It cost each member $315.00 each.

Raymond Cemetery History

Location:  From Montpelier turnoff (intersection of Hwy 30 and Hwy 89), travel south on Hwy 89 for 5.2 miles.  Turn west on gravel road.  Travel 0.3 mile.  Cemetery on south side of road bounded by a white fence.  (GPS: 42.28550N 111.05391W)

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